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Welcome to Selah Alternative Programs!

Selah Academy, formerly known as PULSE, got its start in November of 1986. The school was started because some students were considered "at-risk" of not succeeding in the regular school environment. The founding staff members, Lynn Sterns, Lance Ostrom, and Judy Patterson developed a different type of school with more of a family atmosphere.

Students who attend Selah Academy (grades 9-12) are different from each other in many ways but they have one thing in common: they want to graduate.  Self-paced classes are offered on site, some with blended learning (digital content with an in-classroom teacher), some in a computer lab with traditional online learning (content specific teacher available through classmail/chatroom/phone), and others with more traditional classroom settings (in-classroom teacher with paper/pencil/textbook), but with smaller class sizes and more individualized instruction.

Many changes have taken place since 1986. The obvious is the name change. The name was changed to Selah Academy during the winter trimester of 2004. The word academy means a school for specialized instruction. Selah Academy continues to offer daily session classes, but we also have another great opportunity for students in the form of on-line courses. The Selah Online program began in the fall of 2003, known then as the SOLO Center.  In 2008 it was dramatically updated and renamed Selah Online.

Selah Academy welcomes you and looks forward to talking with you to see how we might serve you.  Give us a call at 698-8062 or send us an email to schedule an appointment today!



Jeff Cochran
CTE Director
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Jeff Cochran